The process starts with a seed smaller than you would imagine. 120 days and a lot of love yields the best red ripe Serrano peppers and orange Habaneros that can be grown on this green earth. Contracting with small farms ranging seasonally from Peru through Central Mexico, we ensure our peppers are picked at the height of their glory and whisked away for cleaning, mashing, salting, and fermenting.

This mashing and fermenting process dates back before the 16th century throughout the Americas as a means of preservation. Along with preservation, this process both tames the heat and intensifies the flavor of the pepper. This process spread quickly throughout the world.  

Today, we care for our mash like a newborn baby, ensuring it is a perfect mix of salt and hot pepper flavor prior to making every batch.

 Relying on our local buying partners, the remainder of our vegetables are picked (organic and locally when available) as close to production time as possible.  Fresh carrots, onions, and garlic are cleaned and chopped the same day we make Boulder Hot Sauce.

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